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What We Do

Hello, my name is Denise Richardson. Along with my team of volunteers, I run day clubs for senior citizens. These are held at Lickey End Social Club every Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00am – 3.00pm. All welcome and transport service available via B.U.R.T. bus! (Extra cost for this).

We start the day socially with tea, coffee and biscuits with lots of chat. Then we have entertainment, such as a band, singers, speakers and much more. We then have a nutritious home-cooked lunch and dessert. After lunch, we have more fun with games poetry and quizzes.Finally, we finish off the day with a fun game of bingo. The cost of the day is £25 per person. inclusive for more information give us a call on -01527 585893


Live entertainment


We have a wide range of different entertainers who come into our club. The following is just a example of the types of speakers and entertainment we offer: Singers, Speakers, musicians and visits from animals and their owners. To find out more information give us a call on 07947 675186or email us. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for all of the latest information.


Day Trips


We don’t always stay indoors when we can, we try to go on some day trips. Trips can be particularly enjoyable for elderly people and they offer the chance to travel combined with the companionship of others. It includes theatre trips, outings to places of interest, including the seaside, museums or pub visits.




The BURT bus, is with equipped full disabled facilities. It can pick you up from and drop you off at your door, a great way to get to DDC clubs! Bromsgrove Urban and Rural Transport (BURT) is a safe, secure service for residents of the district who are unable to use public transport.